MOVE 2017
The life and teachings of jesus: The gospels

Join us on a journey the first half of 2017, as we focus on the life & teachings of Jesus.

If our love for God is simply a response to His love for us, the only way to grow in our love for God is to have a greater understanding of how much He loves us. We get to know this by getting to know Him; personally spending time in the Bible listening to what He has to say and seeing what He did for us.

We want to be moving closer to Jesus, moving into our community, and moving to impact the world. 

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Recent Media

36 - Doctrine, Dissension, Decision Series 36 - Doctrine, Dissension, Decision

Today we come to another milestone chapter in the book of Acts.…

35 - Making The Most of This LIfe Series 35 - Making The Most of This LIfe

Associate Pastor Phillip Holland teaches from Acts 14.

34 - Warrior Mentality Series 34 - Warrior Mentality

Student Ministries Pastor, Mike McGuire teaches from Acts 13.

33 - Roman Justice and God's Justice: Acts 12 Series 33 - Roman Justice and God's Justice: Acts 12

Acts 12 is wild chapter. There are 18 executions in this chapter.…



This year our focus is going to be on the life and teachings of Jesus. There is no question that God sent Him to this earth to be our example; to enable…

Challenge 365

Challenge365 – growing deeper in love with Jesus. How? By getting to know Him through spending time in His Word.

Word of God Challenge


The Spirit of Christmas


Is There Ever Enough Money?




Am I My Brother's Keeper?