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When You Arrive

From the moment you drive into our parking lot you will find Valley View to be a welcoming place. Parking lot hosts will direct you to special "guest" parking spots. Smiling greeters will welcome you at our doors. Inside, you will see our full-service coffee shop with specialty coffees and donuts. But don't stop there until you visit our Guest Services kiosk in the lobby. Let them know it is your first time here, and they'll give you a coupon for a free cappuccino or latte and a donut for everyone in your family. If you have children, you'll also notice our Children's Security Check-In Desk in the lobby. We want your children to be safe so we have you register them at the computers. You'll receive a printed badge for each child with a matching number so that only you can pick up your kids following the service.

Real People

At Valley View, you'll find people - in other words, people just like you. It is not about a building, a place, or an organization; our church is about people! Some words that describe the people at Valley View are "friendly, warm, open, accessible, and loving." Come as you are, and be yourself! Our people are eager to get to know you. Many of us are your neighbors. We love each other and we will love you as well. We believe the church should be a safe haven of peace and harmony.

Choose Your Service

Valley View offers two service times to help you fit worship into your schedule. Our weekend experiences are Sunday at 9am & 10:30am. We strive to be multigenerational in our worship. That means that elements in every service are designed to speak to people of all ages. Love the latest worship chorus you hear on the radio? We sing it. Love the good old hymns? We sing them. Love weaving modern culture into the delivery of God's timeless truth. We do it. All our services reflect the fact that we are well into the 21st century (worship band, technology, creativity) but we want everyone to feel at home as we embrace how God is speaking to the young and the old and everyone in between, all at the same time.

Practical, Down-to-Earth Message

Each week we'll present creative messages from the Bible that will easily apply to your life. We want you to walk out of Valley View with a greater understanding of God's plan for your life and how you can practically live that out during the next week. If you are just checking out what Christianity is all about, you'll easily understand what we're talking about. If you've been a follower of Jesus for years, plan to be challenged in your faith.

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A Fresh Start

Many of us wish we had the opportunity to make a fresh start, to discover a place where we are accepted for who we are and can grow into who we want to be. Perhaps you went to church in the past and have gotten out of the habit. Or, maybe you've never been to a church at all. Wherever you find yourself in your journey, Valley View is ready to help you make that fresh start.

Casual Atmosphere

You don't need to get dressed up to come to Valley View. Wear whatever you want - shorts, t-shirts, sandals - it doesn't matter to us.

Children's Ministry